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Division of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement

Grow An Equity Mindset

Equity Applied Workshop - Mental Health for the Non Mental Health Professional

Equity Mindset Workshop Series - The Struggle is Real with Dr. Phillip R. Smith

An in-depth look at the basic needs challenges on college campuses and how Rutgers University is working to address them.

Equity Mindset Workshop Series - Let's Learn Together with Dr. Christopher Manente and Ian Bober

In this workshop Dr. Christopher Manente and Ian Bober discuss common barriers that neurodiverse university students commonly face that place them at a clear disadvantage for success in educational (and other) settings.

Equity Mindset Workshop - Stepping Outside the Diversity Box with Dr. Micere Keels

In this workshop, Dr. Micere Keels discusses ways to support historically underserved student populations from a strengths-based perspective.


Politics of Higher Education with Laura Hamilton & Kelly Nielson

This talk aims to build awareness of how political decision-making impacts issues related to college access and equity. It is part of the Politics of Higher Education Series a Division of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement event and is co-sponsored by the Eagleton Institute of Politics.


Access Week - James Dickson Carr Lecture featuring Anthony Abraham Jack

Dr. Anthony Abraham Jack, Assistant Professor at Harvard and author of “The Privileged Poor,” shares what schools can do to truly level the playing field for academic success.


How Higher Education Can Accelerate Equity | ASU+GSV 2021

Watch this panel discussion, featuring Senior Vice President for Equity Anna Branch, to learn about the ongoing work to be done for higher education institutions to realize their potential as true engines of equity.